If you’ve owned more than one dog in your lifetime, you know each one possesses a unique personality and individual set of needs to thrive. That’s why we offer a well selected variety of services:

Small Group walk


Dogs who have energy to spend and long days at home. If you are tired of coming home to a hyper-active whirling dervish, boredom driven destruction of furniture and prized objects, and an obligation to get your dog out for a spin after a long day, you'll love this service.

What Your Dog Gets:
Our small group walk is a full hour vigorous on-leash dog walk/hike out in nature, accompanied by up to 3 carefully-chosen canine buddies. Your dog will ride safely in it's own crate in the company car and enjoy an overall trip of about 1.5 - 2 hours. Exercise and lots of mental stimulation, out of the all too familiar neighborhood, are the benefits of this service - all in the social context of a small group of canines.

What You Get:
Relief! You can leave behind the guilt about leaving your dog behind every morning, and also the worries about what you might come home to. Instead, come home to a calmer, better behaved best friend. Regular exercise really can work wonders.

Service Details:
Small Group Walk - $35/day

To give your dog enough exercise to make a difference in his behavior at home, to allow us to keep groups small and carefully match dogs for companionship and safety, and to ensure that all dogs settle comfortably into a safe walking routine, we require Surf City dogs to walk with us a minimum of 3 days per week.

solo walk - walk and train

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Dogs of pretty much any age, whose guardians have awesome jobs that keep them away all day. Dogs who have an idea of basic manners and obedience. Dog guardians, who have already spent a lot of time, money and energy in training classes and who want their dogs to stay in the training-loop when out on a walk - while they bring the kibble home. 

What Your Dog Gets:
A full hour on-leash outing with 1-on-1 attention for your beloved four-legged friend. In addition to all the physical benefits of a regular exercise walk, your pup will practice good manners. Your pup gets to visit and walk in different environments (forest, downtown, a store, etc.) - and each has it's variety of distractions. Should your dog ride in the car with us, he will practice good car manners, like the "In's and Out's" too!

What You Get:
Peace of mind. You just started a good manners class to get off on the right foot, or reenrolled to refresh your skills. You've already invested so much in training your dogs good behavior. Let us take your dog out and stay on top of what he's already learned by reinforcing his good behavior while out in the world - Your dog will be a very welcomed canine companion in public, plus with all the extra mental stimulation enjoy a nicely tuckered out best friend to come home to.

Service Details:

To give your dog enough exercise, to make a difference in his behavior and to stay in the "training" loop of reinforcing your dogs good manners, we require Surf City dogs to walk with us a minimum of two days per week.

Solo walk - reactive dogs


Dogs who need some special attention. Dogs and their guardians who are already working with a trainer to learn new skills for a long term behavioral change. Sometimes, other dogs or people can appear scary to a dog for different reasons - but what to do with that fear when on a leash? Your pups flight-or-fight instinct kicks in but there is nowhere to go when connected to a leash. Barking and lunging are a typical reaction to make that "scary thing" go away.

What Your Dog Gets:
Exercise! A 45-minute visit tailored to manage your dog's reactivity. Support! We'll take him out and help him have a good time by using appropriate techniques to keep his stress-level as low as possible whenever we encounter a possible trigger.

What You Get:
Peace of mind. We'll get your dog out and exercised, manage your dogs reactivity and work in cooperation with you and your trainer - if you wish - to get the most out of it for you and your dog. And after all - relief - that your dog gets to go out for a walk, while you are working hard to bring home some of his favorite bones and toys.

Service Details:

A dogs reactivity needs special care and attention, so we ask our clients to commit to a minimum of two days per week. This allows us to note changes, maintain a regular routine for managing walks, and keep your worries at bay.


Your dog will get an on-leash exercise walk in his familiar surroundings of the neighborhood. Great to break up your best friends day! We'll get him exercised, give him the chance to do his business and provide enrichment by letting your pup "read" the daily newspaper about the current news in his hood.

Service Details:  $25/30 min.       $32/60 min.




  • We’re committed to excellent dog care

  • We’re as committed to excellent customer care as we are to excellent dog care

  • We use only positive-based, scientifically-sound training methods

  • We’re dog*biz Certified Dog Walkers—the best you can get

  • We’re canine 1st aid certified, too

  • We're licensed and insured

  • We provide maximum safety for your dog - even when on the ride

It’s hard to cultivate long-term client relationships any other way. And we want you and your dog as part of our extended family for the long haul.


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